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About River Mall


River Mall is located in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the tourist city of Alija in the Ots district, which is considered one of the finest neighborhoods in the region.
The project site is close to the Sarajevo International Airport and is 1.5 kilometers from the airport as well as close to all the service facilities and its direct landing on the Gliznica River.

Project Idea:

As an extension of the success of our first project (Panamera Hotel Apartments) and through our study of the Bosnian market in the field of real estate and tourism, the company has decided to continue in this manner of excellence in its new project (River Mall), which will introduce a new idea of its kind in Bosnia, , Commercial, entertainment, medical.
The River Mall has many advantages which we will mention as follows:
- Near Sarajevo International Airport.
- The proximity of our first project Panamera Hotel Apartments, which supports the investment process.
- Direct view of the river.
- Apartments in different areas.
- A commercial complex with many international shops.
- Fine restaurants and cafes on the river.
- A garden on the roof of the commercial complex, which will be the first of its kind in the region.
- Green spaces constitute about 70% of the project area.
- Children's playgrounds along the green and river areas.
- A walk along the river bank.
- A special hall for the game of pentbul for those who want excitement and excitement.
- Closed hall for electronic games.
- A health club with a direct view of the river and will be equipped with the latest equipment.
- A ski lounge in the center of the complex, which will be one of the most important landmarks of Bosnia and declared a major athlete is the first of its kind in the region, which works throughout the year.
- Providing hotel services.
Our experience and study of the Bosnian market, as demand for apartments is oversupplied and because of the lack of leisure facilities in Bosnia, we believe that this project will be a great success for all and will yield a lucrative investment return and will be a real estate opportunity for those wishing to invest in Bosnia.