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Panamera Hotel Apartments is located in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the tourist city of Alija in the district of Logani, one of the finest neighborhoods in the city.
One of the most prominent features of the project site is its presence in Bosnia's most famous nature reserve, which extends over an area of ​​10 km 2 to the spring of Bosnia, which is located under the mountain of Igmen, where the Winter Olympic Games are held, as well as proximity to the vital places of service and tourism facilities.
- Government facilities (hospitals - police station - banks and banks - various government departments).
- Shopping centers (commercial complexes such as the Grand Center complex and Sarah complex popular markets vegetable and food markets).
- Aquapark Amusement Park.
- Train and bus station.
- Sarajevo International Airport, located 800 meters from the project site.
- Terme Physiotherapy Clinic, which is a few steps away from the project site.
The project site is also distinguished by its view of a river, one of Bosnia's most famous rivers, the Gliznica River.

Project Idea:

The project is the first of its kind in Bosnia, where we have established an investment residential complex that includes luxury apartments with European finishes at the highest level offering high quality hotel services and was completed in a short period of time.
The idea of the project is also based on the main points, the most important of which is the sale of these units and then offer them to rent and investment to owners in the event they so desire.
And we have been selling more than 90% of these units and we have already started working on the leasing and operating system since the summer of 2016. The system has achieved a great success witnessed by all, in view of the hotel services that were presented at the complex and after a thorough study of the tourism market In Bosnia, we have contracted with major tourism companies in the GCC to ensure the greatest rental period possible and achieve the highest returns for owners.

Hotel services:

As mentioned above, we have provided high quality hotel services to support the investment process in the complex.
- 24-hour front desk.
- Express check-in and check-out.
- Shuttle service to and from the airport.
- Room service (Rom Service).
- Cleaning service.
- Security and guard service around the clock.
- Free Wi-Fi and satellite services.
- Tourist office to run trips.
- Parking lots.
- Laundry.
- Fine cafe.
- International Restaurant.
- Super Market.
Roof Cafe - The roof of the pool is for residents only.