We have a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team of transcriptionists to provide quality service on time thereby making us a one-stop-shop for medical transcription. Our superior technology, HIPAA compliant process and experienced resources enable us to provide efficient service to our clients. Our team consists of highly skilled, experienced and motivated transcriptionists and medical language specialists, well versed with AAMT and JCAHO guidelines.
We offer quality transcription at competitive price. Our workflow is flexible to accommodate any turn-around-time requirement of our clients.

Experience in working in multiple specialities, our experienced coders ensure accurate coding which represents the entire patient encounter. iScribes India billing team converts the codes to charges to generate the claim for submission for reimbursement.

Claims Processing

At iScribes India, claims are processed accurately based on patient coverage rules, and their contract with payers.

Coding Audits - Prospective & Retrospective

The iScribes India coditors ensure regulatory compliance and protection from RAC and ZPIC auditors. Outliers and trends in coding patterns, such as upcoding and excessive usage of certain CPT codes are identified to mitigate the risk of abuse or fraudulent activity. Downcoding is also addressed to prevent revenue leakage and claw back lost revenue.

Denials Management

At iScribes India, the team is up-to-date and current with payer billing rules and instructions; to prevent denials. They correct denied claims and re-submit them at the earliest for cash flow ease.

Payment Posting

Cognizant that payment posting is one of the key drivers of reimbursement accuracy, our team ensures timely payment adjustments as well as understanding the difference in addressing claim and line denials.

HCC Coding

We are well-versed with the risk adjustment coding guidelines and the relevance of accurate clinical documentation for optimal reimbursement.

Medical Indexing involves organizing and storing demographic and treatment information of patients and arranging it together in one place for easy retrieval. Medical Indexing helps easy and quick ac-cess to all the relevant information to determine treatment.

iScribes India's Indexing services include digitising paper records, elec-tronic medical record storage, healthcare document management and indexing medical records information which includes patient insurance, demographic data and EOBs to providers EHR/EMR/DMS/PMS. Our team’s expertise with medical terminologies, and billing processes ensures faster & accurate indexing of the medical records. With our document digitization technology, medical practices can overcome the complexities of storing & maintaining physical records.

Each scanned document is examined by our experienced team and saved to appropriate folders and sub-folders for easy retrieval/access anytime, anywhere saving time, cost, space and effort as well as ensuring compliance.

With our cloud based cutting edge data analytics platform you medical practitioners can connect all their data sources, analyze unstructured data, get actionable insights , thereby improving faster decision making, improve medical practice management, reduced costs and better productivity.

Our Clinical Research Services are designed to meet the growing R&D challenges of pharmaceutical companies. With our highly experienced research team, strong domain expertise, sound processes, we can efficiently manage the non-core processes like managing clinical data, documenting clinical trial reports, pharmacovigilance, medical writing and regulatory filings. Service Offerings: Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, Pharmaco Vigilance, Statistical Analysis, Regulatory submissions and filings.


iScribes India team of paralegals have the expertise to do Document reviews, document summaries, and transcriptions - audio & video. Their expertise includes review, annotation and categorization of legal documents.