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AMK has become an exclusive Tramigo Partner in Kuwait. Tramigo is an economical tracking system using GPS and GPRS technologies. Our Distribution channel works via local partner and certified agents. Using Tramigo products business can track and manage entire mobile fleet from their mobiles and tablets.
Tramigo T22 is the only tracking device that uses easy to understand landmarks to show vehicle location. The location is determined by GPS satellites and you use a regular GSM phone to send and receive text messages from your T22. It is NOT a navigation device, but instead helps you keep your family, friends and assets safe. See Tramigo Product Listing
AMK has partnered with Tramigo. Tramigo manufactures, markets and distributes GPS/GSM tracking devices worldwide for vehicle and personal security as well as fleet and asset management. Tramigo is a world leader in the GPS/GSM tracking industry with a strong presence in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Latin America; and it's products are sold in over 120 countries. Visit Tramigo Here

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