A suite of streamlined HR systems and processes, designed to deliver high performance workplace management. Engage and enrich your people through strategic HR management.


GTS focuses on structuring strategic HR practices to drive performance to achieve expected growth. We do it by breaking down even the most complex organization design and performance management initiatives into simple logical steps. This helps each employee manage their performance every day.

GTS helps in building a successful culture driven organization.

Streamlines Talent Administration

Empowers employees and managers through self-service. The logical workflow ensures minimal wastage of HR resources. It increases the efficiency of the HR function through automation, which drives governance of policies, and auto escalates risks.


Promotes Sustainability

Elimination of paper promotes environmental sustainability and brings huge cost-savings and efficiency. Forms, approvals, reports, employee administration and updates, applicant tracking, benefits enrollment, payroll processing, and so much more are all handled electronically and in one central system. This in turn, ensures overall sustainability of your business and environment.

Fast, Safe and Simple to use

The system is optimized to be fast, and can be accessed and maintained anywhere, anytime and on any type of device connected to the network. Drives compliance and reporting against defined HR parameters to reduce the risk of non compliance, monetary losses and litigations. Your data can be safely maintained by you, through our various modules.

People Focused Systems

Manage people through automated processes. This allows management to focus on building an organization culture, focus on strategic direction and achieving overall organization goals.


Learn everything you need to know about our end-to-end workplace HR management system. Experience streamlined talent administration, people focused systems and easy to use interface. Register for a demo at your workplace, by filling in your business details..

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